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How a $10 Hose Can Cost You Thousands of Dollar

You’ll find flexi-hoses throughout the average Western Australian home, and they’re very easy to recognize.

Also known as braided hoses, their versatility enables them to be used in new construction and to replace copper pipes in older homes.

Here are a few of their more common uses:

  • Found beneath kitchen, laundry and bathroom sinks.
  • Connecting water from the toilet stop tap to the cistern.
  • Connecting appliances like washing machines and dishwashers to their water sources.

Flexi-hoses have outer braided layers of stainless steel with a rubber pipe interior. And, because of their flexibility (hence, the name flexi-hose), they can be shaped to meet a range of home plumbing solutions.

Flex-Hose Damage Can Cost You Dearly

Up to 2,000 litres of water per hour can flood your home from a burst hose.

The following information is key to helping you avoid such a disaster:

  • Flexi-hoses should be replaced no less frequently than every 5 years.
  • They should be examined frequently for signs of wear and tear.
  • For best results, your hoses should be examined by a licensed plumber.
  • To prevent damage when going away even for a weekend, turn off the water main.

How Kalamunda Plumbing Can Help

The next time you contact us for a plumbing service, installation, or repair, we’ll inspect your flexi-hoses free of charge. We’ll replace worn hoses with a guaranteed up-front price quote and your approval to proceed.

And we’ll continue to inspect the hoses each time we provide you with service.

Contact us today for any home plumbing need and be sure to present your Kalamunda Plumbing specialist with this coupon to receive your free flexi-hose inspection.

Flexi-Hose Inspection

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Kalamunda Plumbing will inspect your flexi-hoses at no cost to you during a normally scheduled service call. This offer is valid until further notice.

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