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The Primary Benefits of an Under-Sink Water Filter.

blogThe human body is made up of over 72% water. But just how good is the quality of that water?  One way to be sure and to improve the quality at the same time is to drink as much filtered water as you can.

But you already knew that, right?  You also may now that it can be awfully expensive – not to mention ecologically harmful – to depend on bottled water for your clean water supply.  If the average Western Australian drank the recommended minimum daily requirement of water and drank it from store-bought plastic bottles of water, the cost per person would be roughly $1,775 per year.

Tap water, of course, is much less expensive – then again you could be saving money while sacrificing quaintly.  That’s because tap water frequently contains higher than permissible amounts of chlorine, pesticides, fertilizer traces, heavy metals, bacteria, and other known contaminants.

So what’s a Kalamunda family to do?  Well, for one thing, you might want to consider the benefits of an under-sink water filter for your kitchen.   Unlike a whole-house water filters, the under-sink variety connects to your kitchen sink pipes and dispenses filtered water from a separate tap that sits on your countertop. Here’s more:

  • Filtered water reduces the risk of GI disorders and disease by more than 30%. Since clean water helps improve the functionality of your digestive system, it also boosts your body’s natural immune system.
  • Filtered water effectively flushes toxins from the body by aiding the body’s natural cleansing process. Conversely, tap water can impede this process down because of the organic and inorganic toxins it may contain.
  • An under-sink water filter is far more economical than bottled water and doesn’t negatively impact the environment.

If you’re like to start drinking and cooking with the best in filtered water, contact Kalamunda Plumbing Group today and ask for a free in-home consultation on your home quality needs and our several water treatment system options.