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The Advantages of Evacuated Tube Collectors for Your Solar Water Heater.

If you’re thinking about switching to a solar water heater, it’s easy to think of it as a still-emerging technology, and yet that’s hardly the case. Solar water heating now has a 50-plus-year track record of practical application, and yet improvement are still being made to help you maximize water heating efficiency and energy conservation.

One recent advancement in solar technology is the evacuated tube thermal collector. As their name suggest, each tube contains a vacuum between two glass layers that insulate against heat loss. Over time, evacuated tube collectors have steadily grown in popularity due in large part to reduced manufacturing costs, exceptional performance in all seasons and, to home many a home owner’s delight, their attractive appearance.

When compared to more traditional flat plate collectors, here are several advantages offered by evacuated tube collectors:

  • Enhanced ability to capture sunlight as they have more surface area exposed to the sun
  • Up to 163% more efficient in heat transfer as demonstrated in Australian conditions
  • Can be used in subzero temperatures
  • Greater durability; and yet, should a tube break, it can be replaced easily and very affordably
  • Excellent performance in overcast conditions
  • Require a smaller roof area
  • Less prone to corrosion

Bottom line, when you convert from electric to solar hot water, you can look forward to reducing your electric bill by up to 80%. Contact Kalamunda Hot Water today to learn more about switching to a solar or heat pump water heater, and to receive a free estimate on the replacement system best suited for you home and budget.