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Water Leak Detection | Pipe Leak Detection

We Can See Behind Walls, Under Floors, and
Through Ceilings…All to Your Advantage.

Water leaks can be pesky little problems. And those are just the ones you can see.

But what about those you can’t? Well, depending on how long it takes before one is located, a hidden water leak can cause untold damage and result in a major repair or replacement expense. But now, Kalamunda Plumbing Group can greatly reduce the potential of such a disaster using the latest in electronic leak detection equipment.

In the process, we can help save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars on damage caused by a hidden water leak that goes undetected indefinitely. We also can prevent an extreme loss of water.

Who Needs Electronic Leak Detection?

Everyone is a candidate for a hidden water leak and the damage it can cause. Yes, they’re more likely to occur in older structures, but newer homes and commercial buildings are not immune. Even there, a hidden water leak can occur due to low quality building materials, poor installation, ground movement, and other prevailing conditions.

How You Benefit from Our Service

Without electronic leak detection, holes must be dug and damage incurred simply to locate the source and extent of the problem. But choose Kalamunda Plumbing Group for the job, and all that damage can be avoided.

What’s more, we are equally well-equipped to repair or replace broken, cracked or leaking pipes to prevent the same pipe from leaking again. 

The Tools of Electronic Leak Detection

Our state-of-the art equipment includes:

  • Sonar listening devices
  • Electronic leak detectors
  • Thermal imaging apparatus

Thermal imaging involves the use of infrared cameras to measure and identify changes in the surface temperature of a certain area. To support such a conclusion, we also employ sonar listening devices and electronic leak detectors to hear water through solid surfaces.

If you even suspect you might have a hidden water leak, contact Kalamunda Plumbing Group today to either put your mind at ease or locate and correct the problem before it grows and worse.