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Home Protection Plan

Our Home Protection Plan is the best friend your Plumbing, Hot Water, Gas and Drainage Systems will ever have!!

If you’re like most people, your plumbing and hot water systems are not always “top-of-mind”…until something goes wrong, that is.oeupele

Now we can help prevent most plumbing, drainage, gas and hot water system problems from occurring in the first place. We can also offer you guaranteed savings all year long, priority scheduling, and other key benefits.

And all you need to do is enrol in the Kalamunda Plumbing Home Protection Plan.

These are the primary benefits you’ll enjoy for your greater indoor comfort and peace of mind:

  • All work performed by our well-trained and highly skilled plumbers
  • FREE whole-house plumbing inspection included with every service call
  • Annual water heater inspection
  • Priority scheduling and a courtesy call prior to attendance.
  • Guaranteed upfront pricing where practicable
  • Special e-mail offers
  • Your membership is transferable to your new home, provided it is within our service territory.

Just how thorough is our Annual Plumbing System Inspection? Very thorough, and here’s just some of the proof:

  • Dye test all toilets to check for leaks…a leaky toilet could result in hundreds, even thousands of litres of wasted water each year.
  • Check all taps and spouts for functionality and leaks…one leaky tap could also result in hundreds, even thousands of litres of wasted water each year
  • Check all hot and cold water supplies for deterioration and possible corrosion, weeps, leaks or ruptures.
  • Check all sink traps and waste pipes for corrosion, leaks or deterioration.
  • Check all “above ground” drainage outlets to spot serious chokes or blockages waiting to happen.
  • Check washing machine hoses for possible wear or potential ruptures.
  • Check all hose bibs to detect possible leaks and hazardous backflow conditions.
  • Check gas and water pressures, with all appliances and taps turned off, to ensure services are sound and at correct operating levels.
  • Check gas appliances for safe operation and installation.
  • Check your water heater…solar, gas or electric. Depending on which type of unit you have, our inspection includes:
    1. Operational safety and efficiency
    2. Possible gas or water leaks
    3. All gas, electrical or water components whose deterioration or lack of maintenance could impact water heating efficiency or your family’s health and safety.

Once we’ve completed our inspection, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive written report and an up-front price for any service, repair or replacement that might be required, but only you’re your prior approval.

At Kalamunda Plumbing, it’s all part of our plan to provide you with a better level of service. And the fee? Just $10 per month.

Here’s all you need to do:

  • Click here to download our Home Protection Plan enrolment form (Coming Soon)
  • Then, return the form by scanning and sending it to us by email (service@kalamundaplumbing.com.au), send it by mail or drop it off at our office:
    13 Godfrey Street, Waliston, WA 6076.

We look forward to giving you the very best we have to offer as our newest Home Protection Plan customer.