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Home Plumbing Tips

The More You Know About Your Home Plumbing, Drains, and Hot Water Service, the More You Can Do to Help Prevent or Minimize Problems

If you were to sell your home today, what percentage
of its total worth would you attribute to the plumbing? If you answered 15%, you’d be correct far more often than not.

That’s a lot of dollars, and a lot to take care of. Especially if and when you’re looking to sell your home or purchase a new one.

At the same time, your everyday existence will be infinitely more enjoyable with well- maintained and smoothly-functioning plumbing fixtures and systems.

That’s why Kalamunda Plumbing has developed this list of home plumbing tips. We want you to enjoy your home as much as possible, and understanding what role plumbing plays in your everyday comfort and convenience is a huge step in the right direction.

Check back with this page again as we’ll be regularly adding new home plumbing and tips.

  1. Using strainers on your bathroom drains will help prevent hair, soap residue, shampoo, and other substances from blocking your drain.
  2. Make a point of knowing where all your water pipes are located, even those inside walls, underneath floors, etc. Then you can and should periodically check for signs of leaks by pressing against floors and walls for signs of softness or humidity – sure signs of a water leak.
  3. Keep your gutters free of leaves and other debris so water can flow without obstruction down your spouting (down pipes) or storm water lines. It’s also safer in the event of a bush fire.
  4. Install gutter guard screens and covers to prevent leaves and other debris from accumulating. There is a local company that has developed a really effective “gutter guard” product. Call us for details.
  5. If you spot standing water in your yard, it could be a drainage problem, or a sign of a leaking water pipe.
  6. If you have a septic system, remember that tanks should be “pumped out” around every five years and dual leach drains should be switched annually. Pumping out leach drains and septic tanks on an annual or more regular basis may be a sign of trouble. Call us if you have questions.
  7. Making sure your taps and spouts are “water wise” not only makes good environmental sense, it can also help extend the life of your leach drain if you have a septic system.
  8. To prevent sticking or stuck valves or taps, move them from side to side or up and down or open fully periodically.
  9. The only “non-natural” thing that should be flushed down your toilets is toilet paper, as it is bio-degradable by design. By contrast, disposable nappies, sanitary items, and household paper towels (and, if you have a septic system, old medication) can and will eventually cause you problems and unnecessary expense.

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