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How to Make the Most of Bath Time

blogIf you routinely take a warm bath but feel you could be getting more from the experience, this blog’s for you.  Or, if you’re of the mind set “who has time for bath”, this one is also for you.

You see, taking a bath isn’t simply about escaping from your kids or household chores for a period of time.  It can be equally about improving your health, and in more ways than one.

Here are just a few ways you can benefit from making a warm bath part of your routine:

Add essential oils: Adding essential oils to the water helps set the mood for your bath while providing very real health benefits. Adding lavender, for example, helps with relaxation and decreases anxiety.  Sage helps to clear the mind, and chamomile can ease tension.

Salts: Bath salts take the health benefits to another level. Bath salts relieve muscle tenderness, joint inflammation, and swelling. Add your favorite bath bomb, or a small amount of Epsom salts to the water to melt away the aches and pains from a long day.

Set the right temp: Make sure the water is comfortable, but warm enough to make you sweat. This helps clear your pores, detoxify the body, and improve circulation.

Snacks/drinks: The most decadent addition to making your bath special is snacks! Bring a plate of fresh fruit or chocolates to set near the tub. You can also bring a drink. A cold glass of water is nice, but a chilled glass of wine might be nicer.

Music or book: Music helps set just the right mood while distracting you from thoughts of your hectic day.  And while you’re at it, reading a book for the sheer pleasure of it is a wonderful gift to yourself. Pick something that will help transport you away for a little while.

Inflatable pillow: A pillow helps keep your head and neck extra cozy, especially if your tub has an unusual shape, or if you have back or neck issues that might make sitting for long periods uncomfortable.  In the absence of an inflatable pillow, a rolled up towel can work just as well.

After the bath: Once the bath is over, indulge yourself with lotions, body sprays, and then a warm cup of tea before bed. This helps extend the benefits gained during your bath.

If you now find yourself thinking “that’s for me!”, but aren’t particularly fond of your tub, Kalamunda Plumbing is ready to lend a helping hand.  We can recommend and install a more suitable alternative, including one with bubble-making jets, or install the new tub you’ve picked out yourself. Either way, count on us to help make every bath a more satisfying experience.