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House Cleaning Mistakes You’ll Want to Avoid

Even champion house cleaners can learn a thing or two from the experiences of ourselves, and believe us, we count ourselves in that category.  So, we searched the internet far and wide to test ourselves and found five things we could do better.  And now we’re pleased to share these very smart house cleaning tips with you:

Dusting Your Ceiling Fans

Most homeowners don’t clean their ceiling fans often enough, allowing dust and allergens to accumulate over time. Make a point to add this chore to your weekly or bi-weekly to-do list for a cleaner, healthier home. Also, to avoid waving the dust around with your feather duster, use a pillow case instead. Simply wipe each blade clean and then flip the pillow case inside out to trap the dirt.

How Much Laundry Detergent?

Do you think filling the cap to the brim will get your clothes cleaner, or skimping on detergent will save you a few bucks? Time for a little re-thinking, since using too much laundry detergent can make your clothes feel greasy to the touch, and excess suds can trap bacteria in the folds and creases of your fabric. On the flip side, use too little detergent and you might as well wash your clothes in plain water. So, for best results, do it the old-fashioned way and follow the direction on the packaging.

Cleaning Your Knives

Dishwashers save us all a lot of time and help prevent dirty dishes from piling up in the sink. But not everything that makes its way to your sink should end up in the dishwasher.  Take knives, for example. Washing your knives in the dishwasher causes the blades to dull over time, making them less safe to use. Instead, carefully hand wash your knives in the sink.

Oven Cleaning

Using your oven’s self-cleaning function is a great way to remove baked-on, caked-on messes, but frequent use can also damage the appliance and harm your home’s indoor air quality. Instead, tackle spills as they happen with salt. When the oven is hot, salt will turn food spills into ash, allowing you to wipe them away once the oven is cool.

Soft Towels, Anyone?

Adding fabric softener to your laundry can make it incredibly soft. But adding it to your bath towels can cause them to lose their absorbency and even trap unpleasant odors. To make your towels feel softer and dry faster, add a couple of wool laundry balls to the dryer. You can even buy dryer balls scented with essential oils for a more natural scent than fabric softener provides.

And remember:  during house cleaning, keep an eye out for any telltale signs of a plumbing problem, like a milky stain on glasses or cups after coming out of the dishwasher, a sudden appearance of black mold, signs of water leak, and more.  Whatever the need, Kalamunda Plumbing is on hand to resolve all your plumbing needs, with your satisfaction guaranteed.