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Bathroom Cleaning Made Easy-er.

blogCleaning the bathroom is no fun and, we’re confident, none of our cleaning tips will make it any more so.  But the process can be easier and more efficient, and therefore less annoying.  And if we’re right, then you have nothing to lose by trying and plenty to gain by implementing one or more of the cleaning tips below.

Dryer Sheets: Dryer sheets do a great job of cleaning soap scum off shower doors. They are inexpensive, and they will help make your bathroom smell great, too.

A pumice stone: Pumice makes easy work out of cleaning lime stains off tiles, grout, and faucets. What’s more, they enable you to clean hard surfaces without damaging them.

Disinfecting wipes: These things are amazing. If you pull out a sheet every time you use the bathroom and give a quick wipe to the counter, sink, and toilet handle, you’ll have more than a cleaner bathroom – your bathroom won’t need to be cleaned quite as often.

Clear the room: The easiest way to efficiently clean the bathroom is to remove everything from the floors, countertops, tub, and shower stall. Put towels, bathmats, soaps, garbage cans, and hair products in a hallway or another room. Professional housekeepers recommend it for the time it ultimately saves you and the opportunity you gain to clean all surfaces with equal effectiveness.

Let it be: When just getting underway, spray the shower and tub with your chosen cleaning product and let it be! That’s right, just let it sit so it can do all the hard work for you. Most people spray and get right to scrubbing, but if you wait 5-10 minutes you’ll be able to wipe the grime away far more easily.

Of course, having a perfectly spotless bathroom could have a downside or too, such as pointing out either how dated or tarnished certain bathroom fixtures might be.  So, if no amount of cleaning is causing you to love your toilet, taps, sink, or tub, contact Kalamunda Plumbing today for all the help you need in giving your bathroom the makeover it just might need.